Rafa Polinesio

Rafa Polinesio

Age: (34 years)

Rafa Polinesio is a Mexican YouTuber who was born on January 30, 1990 in Mexico. As of 2024, the age of Rafa is 34. The YouTuber has accumulated a solid net worth of $500k with perseverance and determination.

General Wiki of Rafa Polinesio
Full NameRafa Polinesio
Birth DateJanuary 30, 1990
Birth PlaceMexico
Hair ColorBlack (Natural)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Lucky Number4
Lucky ColorTurquoise
Lucky StoneAmethyst
Best Match For MarriageAquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius
Twitter Profiletwitter
Instagram Profileinstagram
Tiktok Profiletiktok

Introduction to Rafa Polinesio

Rafa Polinesio, born on January 30, 1990, in Mexico, is a well-known Mexican YouTuber who has gained significant popularity through his entertaining and engaging content. As an Aquarius, he shares a horoscope with other creative and intellectual individuals. With dark brown eyes and naturally black hair, Rafa Polinesio has become a recognizable face in the online world. Though little is known about his family background and education, Rafa's success is undeniable, and this article aims to provide a closer look at his life and career.

YouTube Career

Rafa Polinesio's journey as a YouTuber began when he started creating content for his channel. His videos range from vlogs and challenges to travelogues and collaborations with other content creators. His charismatic and relatable personality has garnered a large following, making him one of Mexico's top YouTubers. His creative content and dedication to his craft have led him to achieve remarkable success in the digital space.

Social Media Presence

In addition to his successful YouTube career, Rafa Polinesio is also active on other social media platforms. He has a strong presence on Twitter, where he shares updates about his life and interacts with his fans. You can follow him on Twitter at his official account. Rafa is also present on Instagram, where he posts pictures and stories that offer a glimpse into his personal life. You can check out his Instagram profile here. Additionally, Rafa has ventured into the world of TikTok, joining the growing number of content creators on the platform. You can find his entertaining TikTok videos on his official account.

Personal Life and Interests

Rafa Polinesio's personal life remains relatively private, but his social media presence allows fans to learn more about his interests and hobbies. As an Aquarius, Rafa is likely to be independent, creative, and adventurous. His lucky number is 4, and his lucky color is turquoise, which symbolizes tranquility and creativity. Rafa's lucky stone is amethyst, which is known for its healing and protective properties. When it comes to relationships, Rafa is most compatible with other Aquarius individuals, as well as Gemini and Sagittarius partners.


Rafa Polinesio has made a name for himself as a successful Mexican YouTuber, earning a dedicated fanbase who enjoys his creative and entertaining content. With a strong presence on various social media platforms, Rafa continues to engage with his audience and share glimpses of his life. Though many aspects of his personal life remain private, it is clear that Rafa Polinesio's charisma and dedication to his craft have made him a beloved figure in the online world.