Elisa Maino

Elisa Maino

Age: (21 years)

Elisa Maino is a Italian Youtuber who was born on January 17, 2003 in Trentino, Alto Adige, Italy. As of 2024, the age of Elisa is 21. The Youtuber has accumulated a solid net worth of $ 26.4K - $ 158K with perseverance and determination.

General Wiki of Elisa Maino
Full NameElisa Maino
Birth DateJanuary 17, 2003
Net Worth$ 26.4K - $ 158K
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Weight48 Kg
Birth PlaceTrentino, Alto Adige, Italy
Father NameLuca Maino
Mother NameEleonora Miorelli
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazel
Lucky Number9
Lucky ColorBrown
Lucky StoneTopaz
Best Match For MarriageScorpio, Virgo, Taurus
Instagram Profileinstagram

Early Life and Family

Elisa Maino was born on January 17, 2003, in Trentino, Alto Adige, Italy. She is the daughter of Luca Maino and Eleonora Miorelli. Elisa is of Italian nationality and ethnicity. Although not much is known about her educational background, it is clear that she has always been passionate about social media and content creation from a young age. Elisa has not disclosed any information about her siblings, if she has any.

Rise to Fame as a YouTuber

Elisa Maino started her journey as a YouTuber by creating her channel in 2015. She began uploading videos related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Her charming personality, combined with her talent for creating engaging content, quickly gained her a loyal following. As her popularity grew, she expanded her presence on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Today, Elisa is considered one of the most influential Italian YouTubers, with a growing fan base that eagerly awaits her new content.

Physical Appearance and Personal Style

Elisa Maino is a beautiful young woman with a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m) and a weight of 48 Kg. She has gorgeous brown hair and captivating hazel eyes. Elisa's personal style is trendy and fashionable, often showcasing the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Her fans admire her for her unique sense of style and her ability to pull off various looks with confidence and grace.

Net Worth and Earnings

As a successful YouTuber and social media influencer, Elisa Maino has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated to be between $26.4K and $158K. Although her exact salary is not known, it is clear that she earns a significant income from her YouTube channel, sponsored content, and brand collaborations. With her continued success and growing popularity, it is expected that her net worth will continue to increase in the coming years.

Personal Life and Relationships

Elisa Maino is a private person when it comes to her personal life and relationships. She has not shared much information about her dating history or current relationship status. However, as a Capricorn, she is believed to be most compatible with Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus signs for marriage. Her lucky number is 9, her lucky color is brown, and her lucky stone is topaz.

Social Media Presence

Elisa Maino is highly active on various social media platforms. Although she does not have a Twitter profile, she has a strong presence on Instagram, where she shares her daily life, fashion, and beauty tips with her followers. Her Instagram profile can be found at https://www.instagram.com/la_mainoo/?hl=en. Elisa also has a TikTok profile, where she posts short videos showcasing her creativity and talent. Unfortunately, she does not have a Wikipedia or IMDb profile, and she has not launched an official website yet.